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The house

We Are Moving!

We are excited to announce that the Omega Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi will be moving into a new house starting August of 2022!

We want to thank our hard-working alumni board and current members for continuously working to find new housing for our chapter.

Our new house will be located on 3rd Street and South Fess Ave on the southwest side of Indiana University's campus. As we move forward with this process we are excited to show you our new house's amenities in the near future.


Watch Our House Tour

We are the Indiana Omega Chapter of Beta Sigma Psi. We were founded here in 2000, rechartered in 2010, and have been growing strong ever since.


In the spring of 2017, we left our home of seven years along with the various rentals, and moved to 1015 N. Jordan Ave. Bloomington, IN 47406 where our chapter currently resides. A major upgrade in our facility, we were able to house more members and have more space to hold chapter events.


Still to this day Beta Sigma Psi is the perfect size that allows young gentlemen the opportunity to help grow a thriving chapter and gain leadership experience. The size also allows each member a greater opportunity for leadership within the chapter and self, and a better brotherhood experience with a way to get to know everyone.